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Welcome to 'Duzzit'

'Duzzit' brand of chemical specialty spray products (Aerosols) & bulk formulations are manufactured by Siddhi Industries

Range of Duzzit Aerosols

Product Categories

Laquers, Paints, Coatings, Lubricants, Release agents, Multi Functional, Cleaners, De-greasers etc.

Product Applications

Product Applications

Industrial and everyday Home & Office environment

Private Lable

Private Label

All the products under 'Duzzit' brand can also be privately labeled

Aerosol Contract Filling

Aerosol Contract Filling

Formulations are supplied by the party to be filled into aerosol cans

Product applications are in

  • Plastic
  • Rubber & Chemical Industries
  • Dies & Mould manufacturing
  • Electronic & Electrical Industries
  • Heavy Engineering Industries
  • Marine
  • Aviation
  • Auto care

Siddhi Industries is specialized in aerosol chemicals manufacturing with,

  • Years of experience in handling hydrocarbon propellants that are critical in formulations
  • Experienced professionals in aerosol products formulation, testing and production
  • The latest state-of-the-art aerosol filling and packaging equipment
  • Large aerosol manufacturing and warehouse facilities
  • Transportation of finished goods from manufacturing plant at Mumbai to elsewhere

Featured Products

36 - Silicone Mould Release

36 - Silicone Mould Release

Duzzit 36 Silicone Mould Release is an industrial strength, multi-purpose mould release spray.

72 - Die & Mould Protection

72 - Die & Mould Protection

A short-term indoor / outdoor, transparent green coloured, corrosion inhibitor for dies and moulds.

6204 - Bright Zinc Galvanize

6204 - Bright Zinc Galvanize

A quick dry, sacrificial coating that protects ferrous metals from oxidizing.



Duzzit aerosols are 100% CFC-free

We use hydrocarbon aerosol propellants instead of CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons)