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Electric Cleaners

Precision Cleaners for Electronic components and Heavy-Duty Cleaners for Electrical Equipments
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  • Cleaner Cum Lubricants
  • Electric Part Cleaners

63  Non-live Contact Cleaner

Duzzit 63 Non-live Contact Cleaner is a non-ozone depleting, plastic safe, precision cleaner / degreaser. It is recommended for the effective removal of dirt, dust, light oils, and fingerprints from sensitive electronic, electrical equipments & electromechanical assemblies.

Non-live Contact Cleaner

6310  Electric Parts Cleaner

Duzzit 6310 Electric Parts Cleaner is a non-ozone depleting cleaner/ degreaser for use on industrial and automobile electrical equipments. It provides an economical and aggressive alternative to 1,1,1-Trichloroethane without sacrificing performance.

Electric Parts Cleaner

6340  Optical Fiber Cleaner

Duzzit 6340 Fiber Optic Cleaner is a high purity, non-chlorinated, quick drying and light-duty cleaner.

Optical Fiber Cleaner

6360  Precision Cleaner

Duzzit 6360 Precision Cleaner cum Lubricant is a high purity precision cleaner that replaces CFCs and chlorinated solvent-based cleaners.

Precision Cleaner

6390  Iso Propyl Alcohol

Duzzit 6390 Iso Propyl Alcohol is a fast penetrating, high purity, non-chlorinated, quick drying, light-duty cleaner for use in industrial, electrical, electronic and aviation applications.

Iso Propyl Alcohol