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Cleaners & De-greasers

Heavy Duty & Precision Cleaners for various Industrial & Automotive applications
  • Electric Cleaners
  • Plastic Safe Precision Electronic Cleaners
  • Industrial equipments cleaner & de-greaser
  • Die & Mould Cleaner / de-greaser
  • Automotive Cleaner / de-greaser

90  Brake Parts Cleaner

Duzzit 90 Brake Parts Cleaner and De-greaser effectively cleans the brake assembly.

Brake Parts Cleaner

90  Carburetor - Choke Cleaner

Duzzit 90 Carburetor - Choke Cleaner & De-greaser is a fast-acting cleaner that dissolves carburetor deposits such as sludge, gum and varnish.

Carburetor - Choke Cleaner

90  Engine Cleaner

Duzzit 90 Engine Cleaner & Degreaser powerfully removes grime to clean an engine.

Engine Cleaner

90  Throttle & Air Intake Cleaner

Duzzit 90 Throttle & Air Intake Cleaner and De-greaser effectively cleans power-robbing gums and varnishes from throttle bodies and air intake systems on fuel injected vehicles for easier starting and smoother engine performance.

Throttle & Air Intake Cleaner

90  Die & Mould Cleaner

Duzzit 90 Die & Mold Cleaner is designed to quickly dissolve and remove silicone, grease, oil and residue on mould surfaces.

Die & Mould Cleaner