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72  Die & Mould Protection - Green

Duzzit 72 Die & Mould Protection is a short-term indoor / outdoor, transparent green coloured, corrosion inhibitor for dies and moulds subjected to short periods of storage or for overnight and weekend protection.

Die & Mould Protection - Green

Features & Benefits

    • Short-term protection. Protects up to 6 months indoors or outdoors.
    • Its viscous film will not penetrate into moving parts, including ejector pin-holes, slides, cams etc
    • Never becomes brittle. Film maintains flexibility under demanding conditions.
    • Easy application and removal. Does not need to be cleaned off before moulding as it self-ejects during the first few start up cycles
    • Product penetrates cracks setting up a protective barrier to assure complete protection
    • Can be sprayed on moving parts or machined surfaces. Lubricants can be applied over rust Inhibitor without reducing their effectiveness
    • Totally safe for metals, baked enamels, rubber or plastics

Product Description

Protects against humidity, salt spray, chemicals and severely corrosive atmospheres. It has neutraliser and rust preventive properties that provide protection by displacing moisture from metal surfaces and adhering tightly to the surface.


    • Excellent for use on all metal moulds and dies including plastic, rubber, drawing, stamping, die-casting, fine blanking, stripper plates, jigs and fixtures
    • Can be used on punch and the cavity, ejector pins, mould base and all ancillary parts of an injection mould that require short term corrosion protection.
    • As rust preventive for moulds after moulding and for mould parts when they are overhauled. It is excellent for overnight and weekend protection.