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About Siddhi Industries

Siddhi Industries was formed in the year 1993 and was mainly into marketing & selling of products required for Industrial production & maintenance. Later, it focused on marketing of Industrial sprays (Aerosols) of reputed brands. In 1999, the company set up a manufacturing facility near Mumbai. Under the Duzzit brand name, it initially started to manufacture products related to plastic industry. Gradually, it diversified into products for chemical, heavy engineering, glass, and paper industries. For more than 10 years, Duzzit has been providing industry with the highest quality aerosol products available. Company with the team of technical experts has a very strong R&D base.

With the inputs provided by our valued customers, we have introduced a brand new lineup of sprays/aerosols with more specific applications that cater to most of the industrial segments. Current product portfolio of the Company covers impressive product categories from Paints, Coatings and Lubricants to Corrosion protection. Our team emphasis on continuous improvement along with the use of leading-edge technologies ensures that our customers will receive the most consistent high-quality products and packaging available. Besides our own product manufacturing, company also undertakes contract manufacturing and private label manufacturing.

Factory and Infrastructure

Manufacturing plant is located approximately 40 km from Mumbai.

Manufacturing and storage area of about 3000 sq.ft. consists of,

  • Office
  • Laboratory
  • Formulation room
  • Filling & crimping room
  • Open air gas filling room
  • Finished goods section
  • Quality inspection room
  • Packaging & dispatch room
  • Workers rest room

Manufacturing equipments include,

  • Valve dip tube cutter
  • Crimping machine (manual & semi-automatic pneumatic)
  • Volumetric liquid filling machine (pneumatic & motorised)
  • Valve de-crimper
  • Mixing vessels for lab & production capacity from 5 ltr. to 200 ltr. batch
  • Filter press
  • Lab & high speed stirrer
  • Explosion-proof semi-automatic propellant charger
  • 5 HP compressor
  • Leak testing hot water bath


  • To set up best possible manufacturing facility for delivering quality products & services
  • Expanding current industrial products portfolio to Pharma & Cosmetic sectors
  • To foray into manufacturing of consumer products
  • To export products


  • Create innovative, eco-friendly, affordable, world class quality specialty Aerosol products to solve critical problems & improve productivity
  • Import substitutes for products being imported to India
  • Implement standardization & quality improvement programmes
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Projects undertaken

Siddhi Industries was one of the few Aerosol manufacturing companies selected in Maharashtra state (India) for Montreal Protocol Projects.

The aim of the project was to change over from usage of ozone depleting CFCs to eco-friendly hydrocarbon propellants. The plant improvements were designed properly with the assistance of UNDP/UNOPS consultant team. The Company successfully implemented ODS (Ozone Depleting Substance) phase-out project titled 'Terminal Umbrella Project - Aerosol Sector' of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) from the year 2002-2006.

Implementation of UNDP project covered:

  • Setting up of an Open Air Filling Room (OAFR)
  • Installation of explosion-proof hot water bath for can leakage test
  • Procurement of manufacturing aids like crimp gauges and safety equipments like LPG detector
  • Explosion proof lighting and blowers, fire extinguishers etc.
  • A full safety audit was done on 13-Nov-2006 with the plant operating normally. The company was certified by UNDP Engineer Mr. Geno Nardini as following safe manufacturing practices for Hydrocarbon Aerosol Propellant (HAP) usage

Quality Assurance

At Siddhi Industries, we believe in providing world class products to our customers and therefore follow strict quality norms to achieve this aim.

  • Products are manufactured in compliance with standardized norms as well as specifications.
  • Raw materials are lab tested before batch preparation.
  • Material in process is continuously monitored till the final product inception.

We ensure that our operations conform to the tenets of good manufacturing practices.

  • Housekeeping of the plant is good and workers are properly trained for better productivity.
  • The manufacturing equipment is well maintained and quality is checked at every stage in order to deliver a quality product to the customer.


We need,

  • Technical Sales executive for field jobs
  • Office administrator cum accountant


Send your Resume to Siddhi Industries at,
4, Samarpan, Near Dena Bank,
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