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36  Silicone Mould Release

Duzzit 36 Silicone Mould Release is an industrial strength, multi-purpose mould release spray.

Silicone Mould Release

Features & Benefits

    • Prevents sticking to increase the life of dies and moulds, improves product surface finishes and reduce production times
    • Rapid dry, anti-stick mould release agent suitable for cold and hot moulds
    • Provides an excellent general-purpose lubrication
    • This high purity formulation is low odour, non-staining and non-corrosive. It dries to an odourless film
    • Does not contain CFCs, ozone depleting substances (O.D.S.) or chlorinated solvents
    • Provides the correct amount of release agent every time thereby preventing problems arising from its excess application.

Product Description

This mould release is suitable for most applications where post treatment on the moulded parts is not required. This product has a medium duty active content and is a rapid dry, anti-stick mould release agent suitable for cold and hot moulds. Duzzit 36 Mould Release minimizes sticking and various causes for rejects, including crazing and spotting.


      Injection and compression moulding of ABS, acetal, acrylic, Noryl®, nylon, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polystyrene, polysulfone, polyesters, Melamines, phenolics, cellulosics and wax and rubber Blow moulding, extruders, foundries and investment castings