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90  Throttle & Air Intake Cleaner

Duzzit 90 Throttle & Air Intake Cleaner and De-greaser effectively cleans power-robbing gums and varnishes from throttle bodies and air intake systems on fuel injected vehicles for easier starting and smoother engine performance.

Throttle & Air Intake Cleaner

Features & Benefits

    • Fast drying. Helps to minimize equipment downtime.
    • Leaves No Residue. Reduces down-time by eliminating the need for wiping and rinsing
    • Non-Corrosive and Non-Staining. Will not mar or pit surfaces to be cleaned
    • Non-Conductive. Increases user safety by reducing the risk of fire
    • Penetrates Quickly. Removes oil, greases and other contaminants

Product Description

Improves performance, eliminates hesitation and rough idling while lubricating all moving parts. Spray-any-way valve allows for easy access in any position. Safe for use on coated throttle bodies. For maximum performance and MPG use throttle body cleaner and MAF sensor cleaner every time you service your air filter. It removes harmful deposits, lubricates and protects moving parts.


    Cleans And Degreases fuel injected gasoline engines (both throttle body & multi-port)