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45  Multi-functional Fluid+

Duzzit 45 Multi-functional Fluid+ is a versatile, plastic safe, multi functional precision penetrating and lubricating product that breaks through rust and corrosion, displaces water and cleans away scale and dirt.

Multi-functional Fluid+

Features & Benefits

    • Penetrates quickly, even into the finest pores and cracks of the surface
    • Lubricates and restores smooth action over an extended period
    • Displaces moisture out of all electrical and ignition systems and makes it possible to start wet engines
    • Loosens rusted parts and provides a smooth start up of the movement
    • Stops annoying squeak
    • Leaves a thin film that protects metals from corrosion induced by humidity and other corrosive atmospheres
    • Easy repair by eliminating the need for disassembly
    • Safe for all metals and alloys
    • Safe on most painted surfaces, coatings, plastics and rubbers (if in doubt, test prior to use)
    • Aerosols are equipped with the upside-down spray valve and extension tube for added convenience
    • Also available in aerosol pressurized with non-flammable propellant

Product Description

The added Dry Lubricant improves the lubrication at the first movement of parts that have been blocked and retains the lubrication function over extended period. Duzzit 45 Multi-functional Fluid+ is based on synthetic oil and a multiple organic inhibitor system that prevents rust and corrosion by forming a continuous protection barrier against water and oxygen.


    A versatile spray for hundreds of repair jobs in all working environments
    • Electrical parts: Plugs, switches, coils, leads, electric motors
    • Vehicles, aircraft maintenance, automotive assemblies: Ignition system, distributors, battery terminals, cables, starter motors, aerials, nuts chains, gears, bearings, sprockets and bolts, chrome, seat slides, door latches, spark plugs
    • Office machines and home: Door locks and hinges, sliding doors and windows, drills, locks, hinges, catches, scissors, zippers, buggies, toys, hinges, bolts, firearms, garages, building sites, gardens, do-it-yourself tools
    • Leisure, sporting equipment, recreational sports: Fishing gear, bicycles, garden tools, roller blades, roller skates, ski fittings, marine, golf buggies, fishing reels
    • Workshops & factories: Conveyors, dies and any heavy-duty metal-to-metal lubrication requirement, air tools, pipes