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3313  Anti-Seize Assembly Compound+

Duzzit 3313 Anti-Seize Assembly Compound+ is a high-purity, high-quality, NLGI grade 2, grey coloured and fully Synthetic grease with approximately 50% MoS2.

Anti-Seize Assembly Compound+

Features & Benefits

    • High-purity, high-quality non-conductive fully Synthetic grease with approximately 50% MoS2
    • Pre-assembly lubricating compound formulated to

    • - Prevent scuffing and scoring of mechanical components at start up
      - Provide extreme pressure protection
      - Protect against galling and corrosion
      - Reduce wear and heat to extend component life
      - Protection against lubricant starvation

Product Description

This is a pre-assembly lubricating compound that has been formulated to prevent scuffing of mechanical components at start up and to prevent corrosion and galling. The load carrying capacity of Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) is in excess of 400000 psi, which is above the yield point of most metals.


    • Pre-treating new or reconditioned
    • Preventing seizure of
      • Bearings
      • Gears
      • Piston rings
      • Cams
      • Valve stems
      • Ball joints
      • Splines
      • Nuts and bolts
      • Screw threads
      • Turbine studs
      • Valves and cocks
      • Press fittings
      • Brake components
      • Plugs & seals
    • Protecting loading equipment linkages subject to high impact stresses or twisting
    • Lubricating small mechanisms that cannot be readily lubricated with normal greases after assembly