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1901  Red Insulating Varnish

Duzzit 1901 Red Insulating Varnish is an air-drying finishing varnish for protecting electrical machines and appliances against moisture and chemicals.

Red Insulating Varnish

Features & Benefits

    • Quick air-drying, red colour elastic varnish film for finishing
    • Good abrasion & corrosion resistance
    • Excellent resistance to weak acids and alkalis, solvents and hydraulic oils
    • Protects against moisture and has good track resistance
    • Displays good dielectric behavior and very good dielectric strength

Product Description

It is distinguished by easy processability and rapid curing at room temperature. A temperature index of 120 enables the varnish to be used for machines and appliances in thermal class B (130° C)


    Duzzit 1901 Red Insulating Varnish is used for protecting the following machines and components:
    • Motors
    • Field coils
    • Overhang of stators, armatures
    • Transformers