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6360  Precision Cleaner

Duzzit 6360 Precision Cleaner cum Lubricant is a high purity precision cleaner that replaces CFCs and chlorinated solvent-based cleaners.

Precision Cleaner

Features & Benefits

    • Plastic safe Allows one product to be used in all applications without risk of costly damage to sensitive modern plastics. May be used for most plastic materials
    • Inhibits corrosion. Increases equipment life and reduces maintenance time
    • Non-chlorinated, non-ozone depleting cleaner cum lubricant
    • Lubricating film does not attract or hold dirt

Product Description

It cleans surfaces and leaves a fine, microscopic corrosion-proof barrier. Duzzit 6360 Precision Cleaner cum Lubricant is safe to use on all plastics and is ideal for outdoor electronics susceptible to moisture and salt air.


    It is recommended for effective removal of grease, oil and dirt. Also, for lubrication and corrosion protection properties on
    • Circuit breakers
    • MetalSwitches
    • Relays
    • Control System
    • Contacts
    • Meters
    • Coils
    • Light bulb sockets