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6340  Optical Fiber Cleaner

Duzzit 6340 Fiber Optic Cleaner is a high purity, non-chlorinated, quick drying and light-duty cleaner.

Optical Fiber Cleaner

Features & Benefits

    • Specifically formulated non-chlorinated cleaner for fiber optic cables. Removes icky pic. and polar soils
    • Safe on most plastics
    • Non-conductive. Product will not conduct potentially harmful static electricity
    • Non-corrosive. Product will not corrode sensitive or high-tech metals
    • Fast evaporation. Reduces down time associated with other cleaning methods.
    • Leaves no residue. Eliminates secondary cleaning procedures and reduces splicing and termination time

Product Description

It is specifically formulated for use on delicate fiber optic and telecommunication splices and cables without leaving a residue. The formula removes "icky pic", contaminants and charged polar soils, preventing residue that can lead to transmission distortion through spliced cables.


    - Recommended for the cleaning of fiber optic and telecommunication cables prior to termination or splicing.
    - Removes 'icky pic', contaminants and charged polar soils such as rosin flux from
    • Motors
    • Relays
    • Buss bars
    • Transformers
    • Contacts
    • Scales
    • Edge Connector
    • Metal Services
    • Genorators
    • Sensors
    • Circuit Breakers
    - Used for removal of dirt, adhesives, silicones, anti-oxidation compounds and other contaminants from semi-conductive cores of high voltage cables when splicing and terminating cables.