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36  Mould Release Coating

Duzzit 36 Mould Release Coating is a multiple release formulation for moulded parts where cleaning is not required for post treatment

Mould Release Coating

Features & Benefits

    • Provides heat stable, non-carbonizing, non-oily parting film with minimum build-up on dies and moulds
    • Ideal for all types of plastics where post treatment on the moulded component is required. Does not discolor moulded parts
    • Prevents sticking to increase the life of dies and moulds, improves product surface finishes and reduces production times
    • Does not contain CFCs, ozone depleting substances (O.D.S.) or chlorinated solvents

Product Description

In most cases, a single application provides release through numerous moulding cycles. Duzzit 36 Mould Release Coating is a special-purpose mold release suitable for most applications where molded parts will be painted, stenciled, glued, adhesive bonded, laminated, heat sealed, hot-stamped or metalized. It is ideal for all types of plastics where decorating is required after molding.


    • In fabricating plastic parts, provides durable parting film for epoxies, melamines, methacrylates, phenolics, polyesters and polyurethanes
    • Releases silicone glass laminates and tubes and parts made from silicone moulding compounds
    • Provides release for wood forming operations, metal making, and rubber gaskets