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6390  Iso Propyl Alcohol

Duzzit 6390 Iso Propyl Alcohol is a fast penetrating, high purity, non-chlorinated, quick drying, light-duty cleaner for use in industrial, electrical, electronic and aviation applications.

Iso Propyl Alcohol

Features & Benefits

    • Removes polar soils. Effective in removing charged contaminants such as rosin flux
    • Safe on Most Plastics
    • High purity formula. High quality blend is practically free of contaminants and moisture
    • Non-conductive. Product will not conduct potentially harmful static electricity
    • Non-corrosive. Product will not corrode sensitive or high-tech metals
    • Fast evaporation. Reduces down time associated with other cleaning methods
    • Leaves no residue. Eliminates secondary cleaning procedures, and reduces splicing and termination time

Product Description

Its fast-penetrating, 99% pure formula aggressively dissolves grease, dust, dirt, lint, oils and flux from most non-plastic surfaces. Duzzit 6390 Iso Propyl Alcohol is excellent for removing polar soils such as rosin flux and other charged contaminants. It is chemically stable, non-conductive and non-corrosive. It evaporates rapidly and leaves no residue.


    Recommended for light duty degreasing and the effective cleaning of oils,
    dirt, dust, fingerprints, flux and polar soils from
    • Motor
    • Generators
    • Buss bars
    • Contacts
    • Scales
    • Edge Connectors
    • Relays
    • Sensors
    • Metal switches
    Use for removal of dirt, adhesives, silicones, anti-oxidation compounds and other contaminants from semi-conductive cores of high voltage cables when splicing and terminating cables.