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9  Heat Resistant Paint

Duzzit 9 Heat Resistant Paint is a flame and heat resistant coating uniquely formulated to produce a lasting finish that is resistant to surface temperatures reaching up to 1200° F (649° C).

Heat Resistant Paint

Features & Benefits

    • May be used on all exposed metal surfaces, particularly where extreme heat resistance is required
    • Provides a professional coating on surfaces where brush application may be difficult
    • Will not chip off or peel away. Will not discolour or chalk
    • Fast Drying. Reduces down time associated with slower-drying coatings
    • Non-yellowing and has excellent gloss and colour retention
    • Adheres to all surfaces. Good resistance to abrasion, corrosion and solvents. Lengthens time between repainting

Product Description

This product is specially designed for use on metal surfaces subject to extreme heat. Duzzit 9 Heat Resistant Paint has good resistance to abrasion, corrosion and solvents thereby it lengthens time between repainting.


    • Best used where high temperature protection is vital, such as engine manifolds, mufflers, incinerators, space heaters, outside of barbecues, fireplaces etc
    • Offers excellent resistance to gasoline, rust, salt sprays, oils, greases, humidity and temperatures up to 1200° F (649° C)
    • Use on interior and exterior applications
    • Once cured, this product is extremely tough, offering a hardened surface coating resistant to corrosion and pitting of the surface it covers