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18  General purpose Coating

Duzzit 18 Coating is quick air-drying, insulating, synthetic resin based protective coating. It overcomes electrical leakages, short circuits and disturbing noises.

General purpose Coating

Features & Benefits

    • Quick air-drying protective coating
    • Protects against moisture and chemicals
    • Overcomes electrical leakages, short circuits and disturbing noises
    • Excellent di-electric strength
    • Good resistance to abrasion, corrosion and chemicals
    • Can be soldered through or removed with thinner

Product Description

It protects printed circuit boards and surfaces from humid inorganic-acid or caustic vapours & fixes it's vibrating components too. As a low viscosity insulating coating, Duzzit 18 Coating can also be used as an extra / after insulation of coils and transformers. It is transparent and as such is not visual on the printed circuit board surface. If, a better visual control of the surface is required then use Duzzit 18 Coating which is available in tinted or pigmented shades.


    Duzzit 18 Coating is specially developed to protect printed circuit boards. It can also be used for protecting the following machines and components:
    • Motors. Suggested for impregnation of small motors during repairs and rewinding
    • Stamping stacks
    • Overhang of stators, armatures
    • Transformer oil tanks
    It can also serve as an extra insulation for Field coils and Transformers. It has a durable adhesion in the temperature range from -40° C to +60° C and can be used for a short period of time up to +100° C maximum