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9  Fluorescent Paint

Duzzit 9 Fluorescent Paint yields a colour that imparts coating of particles that is four times brighter than other paints. It is fast-drying, durable and can be applied to a variety of surfaces.

Fluorescent Paint

Features & Benefits

    • Imparts very bright colour for better visibility
    • Ready to use formulation
    • Provides a professional paint on surfaces where brush application may be difficult. It is an excellent choice for items that do not require a premium coating
    • Fast Drying. Reduces down time associated with slower-drying paints
    • Non-yellowing and has excellent gloss and colour retention
    • Adheres to all surfaces
    • Available in green & pink colours

Product Description

The finish is comparable to original baked automotive finishes. It can be used either for touch-up or for complete section refurbishing. It is an excellent choice for items that do not require a premium coating. Duzzit 9 Fluorescent Paint has good resistance to abrasion, corrosion and solvents, thereby, it lengthens time between repainting.


    Can be used in interior and exterior applications. Apply to metal, wood, concrete and other common surfaces. Ideal for engineering and survey painting of wood, stakes, trees, buildings and environmental study areas. Use to identify potential hazards; mark the interior of mines; identify company equipment on job sites; mark units of lumber and grades of logs. At home, use on furniture, hobby models, toys, bicycles, sleds, etc.