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90  Engine Cleaner

Duzzit 90 Engine Cleaner & Degreaser powerfully removes grime to clean an engine.

Engine Cleaner

Features & Benefits

    • Fast Drying. Helps to minimize equipment downtime
    • Leaves No Residue. Reduces down-time by eliminating the need for wiping and rinsing
    • Non-Corrosive and Non-Staining. Will not mar or pit surfaces to be cleaned
    • Non-Conductive. Increases user safety by reducing the risk of fire
    • Penetrates Quickly. Removes oil, greases and other contaminants

Product Description

A clean engine runs cool and looks new. Engine Degreaser quickly lifts grease & grime off engines for cooler more efficient running. Easy to use - just spray on & rinse off.


    Use on most metal surfaces including automobiles, engines, metal parts, boats, power mowers, machinery, garden, farm and construction equipment