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6310  Electric Parts Cleaner

Duzzit 6310 Electric Parts Cleaner is a non-ozone depleting cleaner/ degreaser for use on industrial and automobile electrical equipments. It provides an economical and aggressive alternative to 1,1,1-Trichloroethane without sacrificing performance.

Electric Parts Cleaner

Features & Benefits

    • Chlorinated, non-ozone depleting cleaner / degreaser
    • Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue
    • Eliminates wiping in most applications and reduces equipment down-time
    • Lowers electrical resistance at contact points
    • Reduces the potential for current leakage and grounding

Product Description

It dissolves grease, oil and sludge quickly for more efficient operation of mechanical equipment. Duzzit 6310 Electric Parts Cleaner is chemically stable, nonconductive and non-corrosive. It evaporates quickly and leaves no residue. It is ideal for limiting downtime on delicate electrical parts. It lowers electrical resistance at contact points and reduces the potential for current leakage and grounding.


    • Electric motors
    • Switchgears
    • Buss bars
    • Transformers
    • Fusible disconnects
    • Transformers
    • Breakers
    • Chokes & coils
    • Stators
    • Edge connectors
    • Switches
    • Generators
    Recommended for use on automobile assemblies & components such as
    • Starter motors
    • Alternators
    • Starter armature
    • Transformers
    • Armatures
    • Field coils
    • Battery terminals
    • Spark plugs
    In off-line mode, it effectively removes dirt, adhesives, silicones, anti-oxidation compounds and other contaminants from semi-conductive cores of high voltage cables when splicing and terminating cables.