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9  All Purpose Paint

Duzzit 9 All purpose paint is a remarkably versatile, non-fading, general purpose, quick dry paint for general use in everyday factory and contractor applications.

All Purpose Paint

Features & Benefits

    • Ready to use formulation. The finish is comparable to original baked automotive finishes.
    • Provides a professional coating on surfaces where brush application may be difficult.
    • Fast Drying. Reduces down time associated with slower-drying paints.
    • Non-yellowing and has excellent gloss and colour retention.
    • Adheres to all surfaces.
    • Available in a wide range of colours. Meets almost every colour need.

Product Description

This product offers gloss, durability and flexibility superior to lacquer paints. It is an excellent choice for items that do not require a premium coating. Duzzit 9 Paint has good resistance to abrasion, corrosion and solvents, thereby, it lengthens time between repainting.


    • Recommended for interior and exterior use on wood, metal, plaster, masonry, glass, pottery, wicker, paper and cloth. For best results and highest durability, use it with Duzzit 54 Zinc Corrosion Protection Primer.
    • Industrial finishes: Provides for multi-purpose marking of industrial products such as steel rod ends, sheet metal, piling, H-beam, trusses, lumber, etc. Ideal for application on fences, chairs, mowers, machinery or equipment touch-up.
    • Automotive finishes: Use on fleet vehicles, vending machines, construction equipment or wherever a tough, durable finish is required. It can be used either for touch-up or for complete section refurbishing.