Sprays that work for you!


Clear and Transluscent Coatings in Bulk & in Aerosol

  • Forms a glossy, non-yellowing, tough, flexible, clear film that preserves and protects
  • Provides superior gloss retention over painted and non-painted surfaces
  • Covers and seals with lustrous, smooth finish
  • Provides long-lasting protection against wear, handling and oxidation
  • Will not cause discoloration, tarnishing, bleaching and fading from sunlight
  • Adheres well to a wide variety of materials including metal, wood and paper
  • Protects against rust, corrosion, tarnish, oxidation and oils.
  • Resists salts, alkalis, weak acids, heat or cold
  • Fast Drying. Reduces down time associated with slower-drying coatings.


Lacquers & Paints for Automotive, Industrial & Home applications

  • Touch up
  • Hazard Marking
  • Rust Protection
  • Decoration


Conformal Coatings and Insulating Varnishes for Electrical & Electronic Industry

    Conformal Coatings
  • Quick air-drying protective coating
  • Protects against moisture and chemicals
  • Overcomes electrical leakages, short circuits and disturbing noises
  • Excellent di-electric strengthGood resistance to abrasion, corrosion and chemicals
    Insulating Varnishes
  • Quick air-drying, elastic, varnish film for finishing
  • Good abrasion & corrosion resistance
  • Excellent resistance to weak acids and alkalis, solvents and hydraulic oils
  • Protects against moisture and has good track resistance
  • Displays good dielectric behavior and has very good dielectric strength


Specialty Lubricants for Automotive, Industrial & Home applications

  • Multi-Purpose Greases
  • High Temperature Greases
  • Rust Looseners Cum Penetrants
  • Anti-Seize Assembly Compounds
  • Dry Film Lubricants


Silicone & Non-Silicone Release agents for Plastic & Rubber Moulding applications

    Silicone Mould Release
  • Industrial strength, multi-purpose mould release
    Paintable Mould Release
  • Industrial strength, special-purpose mould release
  • Suitable for most applications where moulded parts will be painted, stenciled, glued, adhesive bonded, laminated, heat sealed, hot-stamped or metalized
    Non-Silicone Mould Release
  • Non-chlorinated, Silicone free mould release formulation
    Mould Release Coating
  • Multiple release formulation
  • Moulded parts cleaning not required for post treatment


Multi-Functional Multi-Purpose Fluid formulation for various maintenance and production needs

  • Penetrates
  • Loosens rusted parts
  • Cleans
  • Lubricates
  • Protects


Rust looseners and corrosion protectants for Automotive, Industrial & Marine applications

  • Rust looseners
  • Corrosion Protection Cum Lubricants
  • Instant Cold Galvanizers
  • Lacquers
  • Metallic paints


Precision Cleaners for Electronic components and Heavy-Duty Cleaners for Electrical Equipments

  • Precision Cleaners
  • Cleaner Cum Lubricants
  • Electric Part Cleaners


Heavy Duty & Precision Cleaners for various Industrial & Automotive applications

  • Electric Cleaners
  • Plastic Safe Precision Electronic Cleaners
  • Industrial equipments cleaner & de-greaser
  • Die & Mould Cleaner / de-greaser
  • Automotive Cleaner / de-greaser


It is the most efficient, reliable and safe fuel product for torch guns & lighters

  • Produces highly efficient jet flames in torch guns & lighters
  • Special vapour pressure promotes consistent ignition
  • Contains no CFC's, canister fitted with universal refill adaptor


It is a quick dry, sacrificial coating that protects ferrous metals from oxidizing.

The high purity, zinc rich formula creates a galvanic barrier between the environment and the base metal to prevent the formation or spread of rust and corrosion.

  • Quick drying, high purity, zinc rich sacrificial coating
  • Bonds electrochemically to metal surfaces
  • Creates a galvanic barrier
  • Prevents rust formation
  • Resistance to abrasion, heat, moisture & corrosive environments